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Related article: Date : Wed, November 24, 2010 22nd 06th 52 EST From: aol Julyguy1. com Subject : Fuck Brian shit felt like I knew Brian would. He was a great guy and I just knew that if we have the prelude to the first time it hurts, but it's reality, I wanted n and I wanted the experience of Brian, whom I trusted fully in share. It took me gently, gently moves my ass, as he has given me, I think that is no longer beautiful could have chosen a nice guy that I break into We met in a local pub, got into the conversation - you know what happens, and then back to their the city of... "Hurry they are so, Jason, just remember to relax and stay there for a while, I can not I right? " I did as Brian suggested, the sense complete power and heat from the link me a thorn there, I felt like I remember when I was a young and had all the experimentation with a screwdriver handle, the crazy things that we , hm, when the hormones begin to develop? I remember laying down on the bathroom floor with a mirror of the seriesEarth so he could see all, because of the excitement was absolute. Make sure that I spread with Vaseline much then bulb is driving me. I remember that it hurts like hell at first, , especially when I started to get in and out of my ass tight, but the sexual incentive that paid off and soon found myself in the heart of the self - fucking, experiments are walking around with his fist still firmly planted in, which I feel great. I had a few unexpected crisis , but when suddenly out of the handle, 'Wow ! What a strange feeling that s,. But now I n of a cock of flesh and blood and not a substitute for fuck, that was great and made the first jump. I was ready ready to fuck me Brian and greater depth. " You have a great ass, Jase, " he said, "I knew when I saw bending to pick up the five-pound note which fell into the sunrise, that I wanted. " found a collaborationmfortable position as I get something good put pillows on the kitchen table - suitable Brian gagged with blue Slip n - duly anointed with his pre -cum on my first impression of him before n ow I seemed to be trying still in my mouth, fuck when its advanced and , which seemed so beautiful and so completely - and that is best for Brian, I found I could move the muscles of the rectum and push me, I also discovered with great joy when I moved in a little o - which is a little different and was very, very compelling - as it was escape with a screwdriver, and me, who accompanied me beautifully beautiful feelings was his sublime and beautiful fucking with tail magnificently. I s, just know that I want to fuck, after all absorbed again the idea of , even while continuing my shit, exciting TH0UGHT I flavor of each of our body fluids. started many good times together. Brian taught me many things to eAssessing the sexual act and really pampered and spoiled me in the end. And it was so exciting and thrilling. It just discovered things that. I remember when Brian making this peacock feather length the drawer of his bedside table to think about what it does? " You should really learn to relax, Jason and I will help you now just relax on the edge of the bed - that is, you need to open a lot to me... Little Lolitas now see how it feels to " n is surprising that with the spring, as it is very sensitive, so it worked a along the lower shaft of my penis, under and around my balls and asked me open even wider, make fun of me a damn. was so divine, a real tantalizing tease, and I felt my cock in every shore and took jokes about spring. " Nice? " He said, his face flushed, enjoy. It was just beautiful and I appreciate my groan answered his question because he wanted me to shoot, said and show him my ass, so you'll spoil the. I wanted only to turn around for him, GAD, I know, did all the ass of his s for him and he could only do what I wanted. I felt like I sucked in my cheeks, and then helped him stretch her ​​cheeks so wide that it could only his mouth, his tongue to do what could never have imagined all this n is wonderful and exciting. He was anxious to get enough of me and I wondered what to do now, as he tied my wrists on the support of the bed with two black stockings I had to take me when I sucked. This really woke up my senses like never before, though choked are joined, I was afraid there was something about his aura, anyway during the next hour he did what he wanted me so that as the Recipe of the day, as did Squirty cream plastered, suck me, when I as a volcano, he drowns as steam engines, maneuvering my ass cheek, kiss , licking and pushing too far. You then have to change myself in the position so that the legsand bent under me, but my limit wrists and my mouth full of dirty pants. Then I realized, which is next door, I felt the impact of type of firm, flat hand me five on each side, if I could, but I would have screamed like anything gagged that work could do was moan. But your Little Lolitas ass is screaming want to try with my band, who worked, there is nothing more energizing No more than a good sound beating and I - " Now it's easy to take Jase, trust I'm going to show me - even if it s first sting like hell, like a couple of very good, deep massage with coconut oil feel the same sugar cane, then " felt my ass cheeks burning, and that shook me. a little, in an effort release the pain, but it was Brian, his mouth pressed against my ass, slow oil massage on me, his hand slips between the sometimes make sense my balls hanging - and he was right, the joy of things, type in the pain easier, and my ass if he started with his slap borld seemed to relieve the pain and I was like her servant, with punishment. He said he wants to hit me, but that would leave until n fully initiated, but now my ass was good and ready for another deep drive flash I was like the meat in his hands, his penis is enormous, the way No red ass from spanking, around the head to make my hole, evaluable again feeling the stretch in the front of his tail like that wonderful warm feeling, every donkey for him, this time for her pussy. All these beautiful things, then the way I spoke once, when I a visit was very cold, all I said was, I believe you should some of my central heating you, and when he did, so deep and firm , I felt the heat of my warm up a whole, and that, combined n with Brian exceptional hot shit and you want me as much as I nursing time spent at the top after that nest in the face smotheri untilng me with his cock and balls pretty fabulous and I n was happy to smell and taste again the wonderful abundant nectar spiriting throbbing cock nice to my face and licked the p- hole and his balls mature and completeness, ready to deliver within me. I found want more and more, he never used a condom, he was not promiscuous, and yet I was, and wanted to enjoy the maximum sensitivity of the flesh contact with meat. was fun to be with Brian, he made me laugh, try to reach this tight jeans, I wanted to get me to pull up n so close to my division ass cheeks , real spanking was to turn to him, he had to hit me his lap, first by hand and then with his long-handled brush, that is used to know in the first pain, reward, all is pamper and massage slowly, it felt good. Little Lolitas and a special treatment when he stood well with everyone, as it awakens n I kneel before him and tease his hole to the p -spDrawing Ittingen the foreskin back to give maximum sensitivity, then it whined and do all the wonderful throat noises used when and it is with him. First I took his cock in my mouth, moving without contact with your hands, you might just like I like your taste kneeling as server of his throbbing cock could not bite Whish sufficiently and my mouth to suck and deaf to his hot juice jets in my mouth and my face, dripping on my chin as I felt then , his cock still throbbing, crushing, stiff straw until he was love with a for the second time, it was simply divine and I am of him...
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